T.C.C.C. course [ Wartems USA & Ian McDevitt ]

Yesterday the three-day course on Tactical Combat Casualty Care, organized by Wartems USA, ended.
The course was held in Rome, Italy, in collaboration with Ian McDevitt, author of “Tactical Medicine”, with 30 years of experience, of which 15 in the United States Army as “Combat Medic” in Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Africa, and 15 in SWAT Team. Ian McDevitt has also been recognized and certified as “Best civilian T.C.C.C. Instructor” by Operational Group Delta Force.

From the 1st to the 3rd of September, seven students took part in the study and in the practice of the most advanced paramilitary rescue techniques, simulating a wide range of interventions from stab wounds to the explosive ones.

The course was designed for people who works in High Risk Environments as Law Enforcement, Close Protection, Firefighters and Military operators; but successful for anyone who is mindful of their survival and that of their family members, given the continued terrorist attacks perpetrated at the expense of civilians, or road accidents, earthquakes, etc.

Good Guys in Bad Lands: A story of loss, hope and honor!

Good Guys in Bad Lands: A story of loss, hope and honor!

Read the moving story of loss and hope behind this project!
What “Good Guys in Bad Lands” do… and why they deserve your support!
Over 500.000 followers on Facebook share their love, respect and support for the “Good Guys in Bad Lands”, now!

Never forgotten

A very special story of loss and hope!
It all started in Bala Morghab, Afghanistan. Rocco Pacella returned from an unfortunate mission where he has lost a squadron mate while another fellow soldier got seriously injured during a firefight with insurgents.

Some people may would have retreated themselves into hate and despair after such a traumatic event but not this soldier.

Rocco, founder of Good Guys in Bad Lands

Instead, Rocco was asking himself what he could do for the ones in need, for the soldiers who left families behind, the ones who have to returned wounded or haunted by traumatic experiences.

Tested by this strong experience, Rocco created one of the first military related fan-pages on Facebook dedicated to the memory of all missing soldiers all over the world.

How a great idea grew into a worldwide movement
Rocco’s page has become a window into the social media world and is created to bring the web population the attention to the respect and dutiful appreciation towards these “Good Guys” deployed: the Good Guys in Bad Lands. Quickly the page was able to initiate and promote charity projects for veterans, their families or military personnel in need.

SOF during a training ex.

The idea grew, and the „Good Guys in Bad Lands“ logo became a honored and widely used signal within the military community around the world.

Today „Good Guys in Bad Lands“ is an established institution of charity and unites all military „good guys“ who are doing their duty in „bad lands“.

The lack of support for veterans in Europe
Honestly, support for military veterans is not a widely established quality within the European Union.

Yes, there is a system of social insurances, public help and basic welfare for military veterans in Europe but it often does not meet the specific needs of wounded or traumatized soldiers.

We should always remember: Soldiers are human beings who sometimes have gone through hell on earth and very traumatic experiences.

Many of them are spending endless hours, days, month, sometimes even years away from their homes and families for what we believe in as a free and democratic European society.

A Good Guy in Afghanistan

Unfortunately, in Europe there is often still a lack of sympathy, empathy and honor for those who take the duty of service and put their life into the line of fire for our values of democracy, human rights and freedom.

Sometimes, a little respect, a little love, a genuine honoring of the burden soldiers have to take every day and all around the world for our security and freedom – these little gesture will often do more healing than any social insurance system.

That is why „Good Guys in Bad Lands“ is such a great idea and helpful institution for the needs of veterans and military personnel.

The core idea of „Good Guys in Bad Lands“ is able to deliver both to soldiers and veterans: access to charity AND the honoring of what soldiers do and may have gone through for all our life, values and security.

Some “Good Guys” love the idea and the values of this unique movement so much that they honor all good guys, all fallen brothers and all men of honor and duty with a tattoo of the “Good Guys”-logo on their body:


A true testify that the brotherhood of “Good Guys” really exists in a tangible way through this kind and many more manifestations of affection around the world and through all kinds of military units!

The “Good Guys” Charity Missions
The main project of „Good Guys in Bad Lands“ is charity: promotions, cooperations, sponsorships and the sale of goods with the „Good Guys in Bad Lands“ logo are helping to proceed funds to noble causes, such as support of departments, to the families of fallen soldiers and post-war traumatic shock patients.

Some of these partners are 5.11, King Cobra Holsters, Memphis Belle, Beretta, Talon Advanced, SecondSkin, MIB, Power Wash, S.O.D., Team Zero, Tactical Pro Italia and many more.

  • The first „mission“ of „Good Guys in Bad Lands“ was able to rise 3,000 Euro in donations to provide a defibrillator and First Aid Training to 12 military operators of the 185th Military Regiment Paratroopers of Bracciano, Italy.
  • The second mission was able to raise 3,000 Euro to buy a high-pressure cleaner fort he „Folgore“ Regiment of Pisa.
  • The third mission donated a DAE device to the Multifunctional Training Complex of the „Lustrissimi“ Folgore Brigade.
  • The fourth mission was a national solidary race in favor of the Italian Police Department. The event had 127 participants in support of Mario Vece, the Artificial Police Officer (Florence, Italy) who was seriously injured during a vicious attack on the last New Year’s Eve. But Mario decided to pass the funds to little Leonardo, the son of Mauro Di Ceglie, a fellow of the Police of Rome, who has been fighting a serious illness for two years. A decision that excited all participants



This is what „Good Guys“ do, maybe in some “Bad Lands“, maybe under the worst circumstances“, maybe far from home, and maybe just around the corner.

There are fare more „Good Guys“ than there are „Bad Lands“ and therefore there is hope and the precious grace of honor for all of us.

Update: September 2017 “Good Guys in Bad Lands” will become an international ONLUS and everyone is welcome to participate and support this project.

Via: Close Quarter Combat Network

The 2nd International Bodyguard Conference

The Good Guys of the 2nd International Bodyguard Conference. From the 21st to the 23rd July was held in the Czech Republic the most important event at European level on the Close Protection. The 2nd IBC was full of exchanges regarding techniques, procedures and equipment to be used for one of the most high-risk tasks: the Close Protection. The event was organized by Wodan Security, Team Zero, Elite Spartan Tactical Concept, Team Blacksheep and Anti Terror Academy. The 2nd IBC was really interesting in all its aspects, from the professional one to the strictly human one, it was possible to get to know many operators from all over the world. We highly recommend it to anyone working in this field, we hope to see you there next year!

More info:






Mission #4

At the Tactical Force Shooting Range in Erba (Como, Italy), there was the Good Guys Mission #4, the first national solidarity race in favor of the Italian Police Department. 127 the participants in support of Mario Vece, the EOD Police Officer (Florence, Italy), who was seriously injured during a vicious attack on the last New Year’s Eve because of the outbreak of a rudimentary weapon. The noble purpose of the competition was to prove a strong sign of gratitude and closeness to the wounded operator; the Good Guys Mission was to give a small but significant contribution and a positive signal in support of Mario’s physical and mental recovery, but he preferred to devolve the proceeds of the event to those who need it most: the little Leonardo, the son of Mauro Di Ceglie, a fellow of the Police of Rome, who has been fighting for a serious illness for two years. A shotgun that excited the participants, who devolved their free time to this beneficent purpose, allowing to collect the sum of 1,500.00, entirely donated to Leonardo.

Mission #3

March 22, 2017. Our third project saw as protagonist the Multifunctional Training Complex “Lustrissimi” of the Italian Airborne Brigade, to which it was donated another DAE Device. Through this mission, the Good Guys demonstrated a close proximity to the values of Brothers in Arms and to the Training Complex, an excellent witness of the sensitiveness to the Italian Army and to the protection of its staff, engaged in training activities. Value of the donation: € 3,000.00.

IWA OutdoorClassics 2017

IWA & OutdoorClassics is an annual trade-show for the shooting, hunting and firearms industry taking place every year in Nuremberg, Germany. IWA is an abbreviation for Internationale Waffen Ausstellung (International Weapons Exhibition).
IWA & OutdoorClassics has been one of the world’s leading exhibitions for the hunting and sporting guns, outdoor and accessories sector for 40 years, IWA is a multinational occasion for the industry. This year from 3 to 6 March, Good Guys in Bad Lands was there thanks to SODgear‘s hospitality which allowed us to use part of their booth to promote our Mission.
IWA has been an opportunity to meet old friends and get to know new ones to get in touch with new partners and consolidate the bond with the historical ones. As always IWA took place in a climate of serenity and joy, the booth which hosted us was always full of people who came to know us and SODgear products.
Thanks to all the old and new friends that made IWA 2017 unforgottable!




SHOT Show 2017

The gates were opened the 39th edition of SHOT Show, from 17 to 20 January, at the Venetian Palazzo in Las Vegas (USA). The SHOT (Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade) Show is the biggest event of this type in the world together with IWA & OutdoorClassics. “SHOT”, besides being a general reference to shooting, is an acronym for “Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade” (show). This trade show is open only to those in the trade and the press. Four intense days of fair in which thousands of members of the shooting, hunting and outdoor trade industry including commercial buyers and sellers of military, law enforcement and tactical products have had the opportunity to visit about a thousand booths of the world’s most important companies. SHOT Show 2017 as it always stands tall, the biggest fair in the industry world this year has not disappointed expectations. Good Guys in Bad Lands was there, we have had the opportunity to know already well-established realities in the field but also small, almost family-run companies that produce high quality tools. We also had the opportunity to attend a charity evening called “Shot in the Dark Vegas 2017“, organized by Delia Tactical L.L.C., which is a joint Military and Law Enforcement Veteran’s fundraiser. At the charity event there were a gear raffle with prizes, music, food as well as tactical products and armored vehicles on display; it was a beautiful evening that allowed us to live the full American spirit of support and closeness to all the “Good Guys”.



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