Mission #4

At the Tactical Force Shooting Range in Erba (Como, Italy), there was the Good Guys Mission #4, the first national solidarity race in favor of the Italian Police Department. 127 the participants in support of Mario Vece, the EOD Police Officer (Florence, Italy), who was seriously injured during a vicious attack on the last New Year’s Eve because of the outbreak of a rudimentary weapon. The noble purpose of the competition was to prove a strong sign of gratitude and closeness to the wounded operator; the Good Guys Mission was to give a small but significant contribution and a positive signal in support of Mario’s physical and mental recovery, but he preferred to devolve the proceeds of the event to those who need it most: the little Leonardo, the son of Mauro Di Ceglie, a fellow of the Police of Rome, who has been fighting for a serious illness for two years. A shotgun that excited the participants, who devolved their free time to this beneficent purpose, allowing to collect the sum of 1,500.00, entirely donated to Leonardo.

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