mission #5

On April 2018, thanks to the Italian Army 185th Artillery Paratroopers Regiment “Folgore” and Kosovo Force – KFOR, we donated an EAD (External Automated Defibrillator) device to Gjakova firefighters as a sign of esteem for the daily work done for their community. We want to thank our partners and the whole Good Guys in Bad Lands’ community for supporting this beautiful initiative.

In addition, during our visit in Kosovo, we had the opportunity to touch with hands the extraordinary work done by the international coalition in that part of Balkans; in fact, with the Commander of the CI.MI.C. (CIvil MIlitary Cooperation) unit we visited an hostel runs by an Italian family for orphaned children due to the conflict happened years ago in that beautiful part of Europe.

Value of the donation: € 3,000.00

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