Mission #7

Mission n.7 ended last Sunday, with the welcome presence of Dr. Girolamo FABIANO, Questore di Bergamo, at the Poligono Indoor Bergamo the “Steel Challenge” race for the 1st “Giovanni Politi” Memorial, a law enforcement officer who died prematurely during his duty in Florence on February 25, 2018. The Mission was organized in partnership with S.A.P. Milano and S.A.P. Bergamo.

The funds raised will be donated to the “Marco Valerio” project of the Italian State Police Assistance Fund, as adviced by Giovanni Politi’s family, in order to help sons of law enforcement officers who have particular disease

Many thanks to those who participated because, in doing so, they have contributed to support this wonderful initiative; many thanks also to “Grande Armeria Bergamasca” for its big effort to realize this event.

A final thanks to our Sponsors!
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