Oenk9 Dogs Accesories. The best security for your best friend It is a Spanish brand of Tactical Dogs collars and Leashes, which uses high quality webbing with a great strenght and security buckles (Cobra Buckle , Frog Clip). They use ITW Nexus buckles to.

You can choose two different rings in the collar; d-ring or v-ring (this is perfect for frog carabiner).

You can find snap shackles in leashes too Leashes have double handle, more ergonomic and very comfortable to take your do.

Designed to use by K9 units and every day situations when you need safety. Oenk9 products are very comfortable for handlers too.

Since their Husky came into our lives, we have been able to see the needs of acquiring collars and leashes with good quality buckles and carabiners The ones they had in the past broke and were difficult to handle. So they started to work this matter.

All material are manufactured by official suppliers of different armies worlwide and comply with military specifications. So its reputation reflects its quality and reliability.

All Oenk9‘s products are handmade


Fratelli Tanfoglio S.N.C. is an Italian gun manufacturing company. Their current weapons are used extensively in sport competitions and for personal defence. Tanfoglio is located in Gardone Val Trompia (Brescia) – Italy, and is known for its broad sport pistol catalogue. Tanfoglio Pistols are popular firearms across Europe; they also are imported into United States by European American Armory Corporation (EAA) and Australia by NVT Pty Ltd. The Tanfoglio Company was founded in the 1940s just after World War II. The production started with gun parts such as receivers and hammers. After 8 years the firm “Fabbrica d’armi Tanfoglio Giuseppe” was founded. As time progressed the company activity expanded and started to produce replica guns and handguns of their own design like Tanfoglio GT27. In the 1980s Tanfoglio started to produce clones of CZ 75 made for IPSC and action shooting. Nowadays the Tanfoglio factory produces approximately 90,000 pistols per year of which 85% are exported. Related brand names include FIE and EXCAM.


Since 2007, NITECORE has long been on top of the hierarchy in the LED lighting and battery charger markets backed by the tremendous innovation competences it masters. Nitecore flashlights offer the widest range of product choice.

Military/tactical, law enforcement, outdoor/camping, hunting or search & rescue, you can find the right gear for the task.

Nitecore’s products are some of the most sought after in America, Europe, Middle East and Oceania totaling over 100 countries.


ADC Armi Dallera Custom Srl is a company from Brescia founded in 1987. The main activities initially carried out is to repair and to customize shooting and defense guns, cutting-edge technology and hitherto unknown in Europe.

In 1990 the continuing search for growth leads the ADC to develop further, thus becomes a manufacturing company of customized short weapons for sport activities and defense. The 2000s saw a further step the company, ADC will in fact focus on a new product, the rifle. On this line, ADC develop a range of high quality products, manufactured with components of choice, taking care of the project and realization.

The study and the development of each ADC Custom’s product is firstly sketched on paper with technical drawing, in order to outline its essential and macroscopic characteristics. Armi Dallera Custom’s goal is to produce high quality components that must be perfect in their design and make their rifles suitable for the shooter of any level, from beginner to world-class professional.

That’s why their production process is quite complex and differentiated, and involves the use of latest generation CAD machineries, with which we match structural specifications, we simulate extreme stresses to anticipate any criticality, verify the quality, and always choose the best materials.

ADC carbines and components guarantee maximum reliability even if subjected to intensive use, to achieve this excellence they use aeronautical aluminum grade and high strength steels. Armi Dallera Custom studies the project’s manufacturing and shapes with 3D projections, sections and views, and then switch to the machining schemes.

Based on the final machining schedules, their specialized technicians give shape to the materials: starting from “billets” or forged or extruded aluminum and steel create functional prototypes thanks to the use of CNC machining machines with chip removal. The prototypes are then thoroughly analyzed by their team, which finishes the work until the product is finished. They perform many structural and stress tests on each of their products, they thoroughly test the quality and operation.


Who They Are
Founded in a small town in Northern, NY, Otis has been built on hard working, dedicated patriots. In the beginning, four person assembly teams worked around the clock to provide the necessary equipment to support our special forces during the Gulf War. When the world turned upside down in 2001, they took their commitment to the military a step further and turned their focus away from the commercial market to focus their efforts on doing their part to protect our warfighters both at home and overseas. Since then they have continued to work to create high quality, USA Made, innovative products deserving of the men and women who serve and protect our country. Otis mission’s is to rethink and redefine gun care, giving our country’s defenders better and smarter ways to keep their weapons in the best condition possible because they believe that American heroes deserve American quality.

Otis refuses to settle for “traditional” products and age-old formulas and they don’t expect you to either. With a competitive drive and a never-ending passion for our country, they are constantly looking for a better way to help you care for your weapons. They empower proud, passionate gun owners to get more from their firearms. More years. More precision. More rounds down range and more trophies on the wall. And, they do it with products that make it faster and easier to care for firearms. That’s what Otis call Smart Gun Care

They’re Passionate
They passion for what they do starts with our products, and extends to our people, our culture and they customers.

They Innovate Gun Care
From the original Breech-to-Muzzle® breakthrough to world-class manufacturing facilities, they work endlessly to be trailblazers. Whatever they make, they make it better, faster and most importantly, smarter.

They Don’t Compromise on Quality
Every product out the door has the Otis name on it. They never cut corners or take the easy way out. Their products are designed to endure, and that’s how they became the Standard Issue of the U.S. Military and why theyback them with No Nonsense Warranty.

They’re American- and Proud of It
Otis company was founded and built in Northern New York. They promise to do everything possible to support our military and give back to the communities and citizens that helped them get where they are today. That’s why their products are Made in the USA—and always will be.


Semper Fi Tactical® is an Argentine company specialized in the development, manufacture, sale and distribution of tactical equipment and accessories, provided by highly trained and specialized professionals at national and international level in the field of Defense and Security. SFT company has 3 fundamental objectives called “The three objectives”:

First: It is able to provide all the personnel of the Armed Forces, Security Forces and Special Forces of these, as well as civilian personnel who work in different disciplines such as paintball, airsoft, hunting, outdoor, etc., of their country and from abroad, professional products and high quality care, starting with the selection of the best raw material, going through the cutting, assembly of its components and finally the testing of each finished product, all developed in a traditional way allowing them to control the quality of the same, in order to always maintain a high quality in their products for the comfort and reliability in the use that may be used by their customers.

Second: It is the attention to the client, through an immediate response through e-mail, telephone or other sales and communication channels such as Facebook or Free Market, always maintaining a high level of professionalism in regards to cordiality, advice about our products and mutual respect at the time of making contact and/or meeting the needs of each of their customers.

Third: It is always trying to keep a fair price in the entire line of their products and in this way help and collaborate with the personnel of the Armed Forces and Security Forces in their daily tasks, as well as the civilian who wishes to carry out outdoor activities or to the merchant who wants to increase their business, offering them all a cheaper alternative in products of first quality, with this they want to emphasize that economic does not mean bad, but means balance between the product and its price.


Tacprogear manufactures a complete line of high-speed low-drag tactical gear & equipment. TPG is widely used in global hot spots where high-speed, low-drag equipment is required, not optional!

TPG’s logistics capabilities & network of reliable global partners helps us achieve extraordinary results… delivering mission critical equipment to places that most people cannot find on a map!
TPG manufacturers to spec and has an extensive network of factories and distribution centers to expedite domestic & international orders.

Tacprogear is a Small Veteran-Owned business based in Boynton Beach, Florida. The company was originally founded in 2004 when the owner moved from the Washington, DC area to South Florida.

Since then, the TPG line of products has expanded throughout the USA and overseas.

Universal Shield

Universal Shield is a Swiss company that manufacture ballistic protections.

We are innovative and creative.
As such, we use new technologies and new materials to provide the best ratio weight-ballistic protection level in the world!
We manufacture both plates and body armor jackets as shields specially designed for tactical shooting.
We also are trainers and provide tactical training for the use of our equipment.


In the heart of the North Italy where the earth becames flat as a table, the Pianura Padana generates better than if holding a prominent role in the national economy.

Here comes the power wash Italiana, a company created by people with an experience of over twenty years in the field of water and of high pressure.

Men certainly have achieved a high level of knowledge of the product, which are filled with wonderful moral and financial satisfaction achieved over the years, but still with the desire to get in game.

The ambition is not to create personal wealth, but put on the market the best that human resource could generate in the field of high pressure.

Conscius of have created a company born from an idea that we have kept and caressed for decades.

Today Power Wash can design and produce hydrocleaner, equipment and washing systems with pressurized water, reliable and secure distributed and used on every continent.

A Babylonia of languages, of culture, of customs and religions that found in the Power Wash the union is a common interest.

Probably not pass one minute of the 24 hours that make up the day , without someone is not using with satisfaction with equipment Power Wash.



Delia Tactical is a American owned and Michigan operated business that specializes in custom made tactical products and custom courses of instruction. Established in 2008, we are proud patriots who fully support our military troops and public safety agencies. Our staff of advisors and technical experts have over 150+ years of experience in multiple tradecrafts and are subject matter experts in their own professions.

Each item is custom designed, manufactured, and field tested by our staff and we build our gear here in the USA.

We believe that the need for gear advancement and design renovation is ever-changing, just like the tactics and techniques we use, and feel that your gear should perform without failure to assist you and your team, unit or squad in the completion of your mission.

We manufacture items to contribute to your unit’s operational success and are proud and honored to provide tough, hybrid gear for our warriors abroad.

From Rescue to Tactical Entry, our gear is built to perform!

We build our gear in an attempt to eliminate the WTF factor and to reduce the presence of MURPHY.

We believe in the KISS principle and build tough gear “for go not for show”!

DTI products are currently being fielded in several arenas including S.W.A.T., FIRE RESCUE, COUNTER NARCOTICS, MILITARY OPERATIONS, AND POLICE PATROL.

Delia Tactical International conducts extensive field testing and product modifications prior to fielding items for use as to insure safety and quality. All of our products come with a lifetime warranty.


Fervour and love for the shooting discipline, guided by enthusiasm and persistance have been the spirit and the essence of the birth of the trade-mark King Cobra Holsters.

The company King Cobra Holsters, born in 1983, is a company that with ability has mantained the best handcraft productive characteristics, obtaining a development that has seen the trade-mark grow and be well-known.

A dynamic company that has made significant investments in research and innovation for the quality of their products.

Strategy is anticipating the change, culture is promoting the future.

The company is proud of their presence in many countries, with their know-how and together with their various distributors or partners, are able to supply a direct cooperation of study and design of products, to obtain the best article requested by their client or by their clients market.

Technology is at the service of high quality production.

In all of their products the company has put the ability and experience matured over many years of work and cooperation with the police and security forces all over the world.

The raw materials are bought and worked in the establishment in San Romano (Pisa), where machinaries are disposed for the manufacturing and the processing of their products, with the involvement of valid professionals, who select and work with constructive care all the manufactured articles, with strict quality control procedures ensuring in this way a guaranteed product.

We believe in the added value of a production entirely realized in our own establishment, infact we can declare that our products are 100% made in italy.

The brand King Cobra Holsters recognized and affirmed on the international market is synonymous of warranty and high quality production.

Certified UNI EN ISO 900:2008 Kiwa Cermet Italia


Every costumer is in the center of attention: thinking, cooperation and sharing knowledge are the basis of a collaboration. Better is the collaboration biggest will be the success.

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