Who They Are
Founded in a small town in Northern, NY, Otis has been built on hard working, dedicated patriots. In the beginning, four person assembly teams worked around the clock to provide the necessary equipment to support our special forces during the Gulf War. When the world turned upside down in 2001, they took their commitment to the military a step further and turned their focus away from the commercial market to focus their efforts on doing their part to protect our warfighters both at home and overseas. Since then they have continued to work to create high quality, USA Made, innovative products deserving of the men and women who serve and protect our country. Otis mission’s is to rethink and redefine gun care, giving our country’s defenders better and smarter ways to keep their weapons in the best condition possible because they believe that American heroes deserve American quality.

Otis refuses to settle for “traditional” products and age-old formulas and they don’t expect you to either. With a competitive drive and a never-ending passion for our country, they are constantly looking for a better way to help you care for your weapons. They empower proud, passionate gun owners to get more from their firearms. More years. More precision. More rounds down range and more trophies on the wall. And, they do it with products that make it faster and easier to care for firearms. That’s what Otis call Smart Gun Care

They’re Passionate
They passion for what they do starts with our products, and extends to our people, our culture and they customers.

They Innovate Gun Care
From the original Breech-to-Muzzle® breakthrough to world-class manufacturing facilities, they work endlessly to be trailblazers. Whatever they make, they make it better, faster and most importantly, smarter.

They Don’t Compromise on Quality
Every product out the door has the Otis name on it. They never cut corners or take the easy way out. Their products are designed to endure, and that’s how they became the Standard Issue of the U.S. Military and why theyback them with No Nonsense Warranty.

They’re American- and Proud of It
Otis company was founded and built in Northern New York. They promise to do everything possible to support our military and give back to the communities and citizens that helped them get where they are today. That’s why their products are Made in the USA—and always will be.

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