In the heart of the North Italy where the earth becames flat as a table, the Pianura Padana generates better than if holding a prominent role in the national economy.

Here comes the power wash Italiana, a company created by people with an experience of over twenty years in the field of water and of high pressure.

Men certainly have achieved a high level of knowledge of the product, which are filled with wonderful moral and financial satisfaction achieved over the years, but still with the desire to get in game.

The ambition is not to create personal wealth, but put on the market the best that human resource could generate in the field of high pressure.

Conscius of have created a company born from an idea that we have kept and caressed for decades.

Today Power Wash can design and produce hydrocleaner, equipment and washing systems with pressurized water, reliable and secure distributed and used on every continent.

A Babylonia of languages, of culture, of customs and religions that found in the Power Wash the union is a common interest.

Probably not pass one minute of the 24 hours that make up the day , without someone is not using with satisfaction with equipment Power Wash.


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