Semper Fi Tactical® is an Argentine company specialized in the development, manufacture, sale and distribution of tactical equipment and accessories, provided by highly trained and specialized professionals at national and international level in the field of Defense and Security. SFT company has 3 fundamental objectives called “The three objectives”:

First: It is able to provide all the personnel of the Armed Forces, Security Forces and Special Forces of these, as well as civilian personnel who work in different disciplines such as paintball, airsoft, hunting, outdoor, etc., of their country and from abroad, professional products and high quality care, starting with the selection of the best raw material, going through the cutting, assembly of its components and finally the testing of each finished product, all developed in a traditional way allowing them to control the quality of the same, in order to always maintain a high quality in their products for the comfort and reliability in the use that may be used by their customers.

Second: It is the attention to the client, through an immediate response through e-mail, telephone or other sales and communication channels such as Facebook or Free Market, always maintaining a high level of professionalism in regards to cordiality, advice about our products and mutual respect at the time of making contact and/or meeting the needs of each of their customers.

Third: It is always trying to keep a fair price in the entire line of their products and in this way help and collaborate with the personnel of the Armed Forces and Security Forces in their daily tasks, as well as the civilian who wishes to carry out outdoor activities or to the merchant who wants to increase their business, offering them all a cheaper alternative in products of first quality, with this they want to emphasize that economic does not mean bad, but means balance between the product and its price.

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