Talon Advanced is established, since in 2001, in province of Modena (Italy); land of engines and technology.

Talon Advanced has always been involved in automotive, robotics and armor design.

After many years in the field of motorcycle and car racing, Talon Advanced has decided to devote 100% of its forces in collaboration with the world’s largest companies, designing and implementing prototypes and future component production.

Design is our strength, we use the most complex software for solid modeling and FEM analysis.

What is FEM: Many physical phenomena in engineering and science can be described by partial differential equations (PDEs). In general, the resolution of these equations, using classic analytical methods and in the presence of arbitrary geometries, is impossible. For this reason the finite element method was designed: it is a numerical approach that can solve the PDE equations. The solution is numeric and approximate. The finite element method is widely used to solve static and dynamic problems in various fields: fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, electromagnetism, heat transfer, etc. etc

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