Extrema Ratio FULCRUM C "Black"

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FULCRUM C downsized blade (only 4" 1/3 long) and handle make it comfortable to carry and easily concealed. The included hard sheath can be worn vertically, horizontally or obliquely (at a 45° angle), and sports a single automatic pressure-activated security lock for quick, easier drawing and sheating. This makes the FULCRUM C an intuitive, rapid-use knife, ideally suited to emergencies or self-defense. The original version of the FULCRUM C comes with a 3.9in compact handle, the Full Handle version comes with a more comfortable 5in handle.


Weight g.:226
Weight oz.:8
Blade Length (mm):110
Blade Length (in):4,3
Total Length (mm):214
Total Length (in):8,4
Blade Thickness (mm):6,3
Blade Thickness (in):0,25
Blade Material: BöHLER N690 STEEL (58HRC)
Blade Finishing: MIL-C-13924 BURNISHING
Main Grid: FLAT
Serration (in): 1,6
Serration (mm): 40
Handle Material: FORPRENE

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