T.C.C.C. course [ Wartems USA & Ian McDevitt ]

Yesterday the three-day course on Tactical Combat Casualty Care, organized by Wartems USA, ended.
The course was held in Rome, Italy, in collaboration with Ian McDevitt, author of “Tactical Medicine”, with 30 years of experience, of which 15 in the United States Army as “Combat Medic” in Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Africa, and 15 in SWAT Team. Ian McDevitt has also been recognized and certified as “Best civilian T.C.C.C. Instructor” by Operational Group Delta Force.

From the 1st to the 3rd of September, seven students took part in the study and in the practice of the most advanced paramilitary rescue techniques, simulating a wide range of interventions from stab wounds to the explosive ones.

The course was designed for people who works in High Risk Environments as Law Enforcement, Close Protection, Firefighters and Military operators; but successful for anyone who is mindful of their survival and that of their family members, given the continued terrorist attacks perpetrated at the expense of civilians, or road accidents, earthquakes, etc.

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